WPC/PVC tubular hollow DOOR

WPC/PVC tubular hollow DOOR

With the growing concern of deforestation caused due to illegal logging of trees for the use of plywood, our world ecosystem is under danger. Logging of trees accounts to the 14% of total cause of deforestation. It’s time to stop this & to replace it with a suitable alternative i.e Alstone Tubular Hollow Doors. Alstone will meet the global need of today without compromising the future.

WPC/PVC Tubular Hollow Door is prepared from the standards grade wood materials with the help of modern techniques. It has great nail and screw holding capacity. It has detailed dimensions and hygienic surface finish. It looks very attractive and can be installed at any stage of construction. It is highly resistant to termites and acid. Also, our WPC/PVC Tubular Hollow Door can withstand all adverse weather conditions and provides a stable support .This Door is available in a variety of designs at cost efficient rates.

WPC/PVC tubular hollow DOOR Advantages:

• Light weight structure
• Hollow door structure with absolute strength
• Best to stand with high moisture and humidity level
• High tensile strength
• High screw holding capacity
• Better machinability
• Can be processed like natural wood, MDF, Plywood on any panel processing machine
• 100% environ friendly product
• Corrosion resistance
• Non toxic and borer free
• Easy to cut and saves tooling life almost 30 % than MDF and particle boards

Surface treatment options on WPC tubular Hollow Door

• Can treated with HPL lamination
• Best routed with CNC router
• Can be applied with PVC foil lamination on Vacuum press
• PVC edge bending can be applied nicely
• Paper lamination can be done easily
• PU coating and UV coating can be done
• Printing can be done with high resolution
• Surface can be painted
• Foil transfer mechanism
• Moldings can be applied

Applications of WPC/PVC tubular hollow DOOR

Covers master door to bathroom door
• Ready to use kitchen doors
• Readymade Main room doors
• Ready to use cupboard doors
• Readymade bathroom doors
• Ready to use wardrobe doors
• Readymade hollow partition walls
• Lightweight doors for office applications