WPC/PVC Acoustic Wall Panel

WPC/PVC Acoustic Wall Panel

High density WPC/PVC Boards are the key Ingrediants used in making WPC/PVC grooved Acoustic Panels. These panels have grooves on front face with 10mm Dia round holes on back side cpvered with black acoustic fleece. Providing excellent surface for sound absorption the mechanism of grooved construction leads to unique design patterns along with variety of color shades thereby providing rich ambience to your interiors.

Panels width: 128mm, 192mm

Design pattern: 13/3, 23/3

Density: WPC (600kg)

Thickness: 15mm

Backing: Fiber glass tissue

Sound absorption: >0.80 (with insulation backing of 50mm)

WPC/PVC Accoustic Ceiling panels

WPC/PVC Ceiling panels have holes on front face with dia of 8mm, 10mm & 12mm wth acoustic fleece on the back side thus providing excellent surface for sound absorption. The panels are laid on T-sections made with high graded G.I. Suspended from roof.

Panel dimension (mm) : 595 x 595, 595 x 1195, 600 x 600, 600 x 1200

Providing and fixing 6mm thick grooved WPC/PVC perforated accoustic  panels of size 192mm x 2440mm made with high density fiber WPC/PVC Board having density 600 kg/ cubic meter, Moisture, Termite & Borer proof as substrate with pre laminated face in approved shade and balancing layer on the reverse side. The edges of the panels shall be Tongue-and-grooved to received special clips for installation.