Alstone WPC/PVC Fix | Be The Best By Choosing The Best


Alstone WPC/PVC Fix is an Innovative adhesive formulated with advanced technology. It is used for bonding WPC/PVC board to a variety of substrates. This adhesive takes less time to paste and provides strength. It also produces the greatest results. With this
glue, the work may be completed with much less labor and in a shorter period without reducing quality. Since it does not run or leak. itis perfect for applications. where controlling adhesive flow is important.


Alstone WRC FIX can be used for bonding WPC / PVC board to laminate, wood, metal sheet, glass, PVC edging, etc.

Advantages of Alstone WPC/PVC Fix

  • High initial grab

  • Fast setting
  • Low odour
  • Low VOC
  • Waterproof
  • Heat resistance


How To Use Alstone WPC/PVC Fix

Surface Preparation

•    Ensure surfaces are clean and free from contaminants (Oil, grease, dust, etc.)
•    Put scratches on the WPC/PVC surface with Laminate Cutter in a systematic way i.e. small triangular or square etc.


•    Apply evenly on the WPC/PVC surface for full coverage with a spreader. Leave the surface for 8-10 minutes for drying,
•    On the second surface, apply a wet cloth or spray water,
•    Bring both surfaces together & apply even pressure by roller, press machine, or rubbing with dry cloth for getting a good bond.
•    Keep bonded surfaces together under pressure with the help of clamps, nails, tape, etc. for 2 hours.
•    Clean the excess material.

Physical State 
Off White