Ideal for sealing and bonding Good weather resistance

Pu Sealant-265

Direct-glazing weatherproof adhesive and sealant with an acceleration option

PU Sealant-265 one of the elastic 1-component adhesive that is used for joint sealing in commercial vehicle glazing applications. Its outstanding weather resistance makes it suitable for exterior joints. Alstone Pu sealant-265 can be used in conjunction of gaps between walls and kitchen gaps, with PU Sealant-265.

Alstone Pu Sealant-265

Alstone Pu sealant-265 is specifically designed for direct glazing applications both in OEM and repair industries. Due to its excellent tools and improved weathering stability, the product can be used to make exterior joints. Consult the manufacturer's recommendations and conduct tests on the original substrate prior to applying Alstone Pu sealant-265 on the materials that are prone to cracking due to stress. Alstone Pu sealant-265 is recommended for professionals with years of experience. Tests using actual substrates and conditions should be carried out to ensure that the material is compatible with the adhesion.


  • Suitable for bonding and sealing
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Solvent-free
  • Low odor
  • Very good processing and tooling characteristics

Chemical Resistance

Alstone Pu sealant-265 is typically insensitive to seawater, fresh water dilute acids, and diluted caustic solutions. It is temporarily insensitive to mineral oils, fuels, animal fats, vegetable oils and oils. It isn't resisting organic acid, glycolic alcohol, the caustic solvents or solutions.

Application Information

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease, oil, mud and contaminants. Surface treatment depends on the particular nature of the substrates and is crucial for an extended lasting bond. Suggestions for surface preparation is also found on this edition of the suitable Alstone element Sealant-265 Pre-treatment Chart. consider that these suggestions are based on expertise and have in any case to be verified by tests on original substrates.

Technical specifications:

Properties Value
Packing 600ml Sauage
Color black | white | Grey