Now Filling Gaps is Easy Now With Alstone PU Foam 1K

PU Foam 1K

The versatile product for sealing, bonding, and thermal/electrical/sound insulation. PU Foam sealant can be purchased directly from the best PU Foam manufacturers in India. Buy foam sealant to fill gaps gap filling, door frame gaps, and insulation. It's a sought-after item that is in high demand ever since the introduction of expandable foam sealants. This particular sealant is said to be resistant to fire for several minutes. If you think about this amount of timespan, you realize that fire sealant foams are essential for use in areas in which there is a risk of being exposed to heat or flames. Some examples are kitchens in restaurants as well as homes.

It is a single-component, self-expanding, non-CFC propellant made of PUR foam. Since it is a single-component material it is ready to use and provides the best value for money for the consumer. Because it doesn't harm the ozone layer, we can ensure that we will not cause harm to the environment when employing this item.

Description of PU Foam 1K:

  • Seals and insulates wood, plastic, metal door, and window frame
  • Insulates electrical outlets, hot and cold water pipes, fills and insulates large cracks, holes, joints & openings, etc
  • Excellent for interior and exterior applications
  • Fills crack on floor and walls. Fills interconnection spaces in the roof, corrugated steel, and roof tiles
  • Durable airtight seal-stops air infiltration, drafts, and energy loss

Recommended uses of PU Foam 1K:

  • Window and Door Frame Installation, Mounting, and Sealing
  • Insulation of Electrical outlets, Hot and Cold Water Pipes, Large Cracks, Holes, Joints & Openings, etc
  • Fills Interconnection Spaces in the Roof Construction, Corrugated steel, and Roof Tiles
  • Soundproofing application on Screen, Partition Walls, Car, and Boat Cabins
  • Improving Thermal Insulation in Cooling Systems

How to use PU foam 1K spray sealant

  • Shake the Alstone Pu Foam 1k can for at least 20 seconds. Put the adapter on the valve.
  • Moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application. Remove pressure from the applicator to stop.
  • Fill holes and cavities upto 50%, as the foam will expand
  • Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers repeat moistening after each layer
  • Fresh foam can be removed using cloth or hands
  • Can needs to be emptied or used completely after being punctured. Whatever left in the can after usage may dry and go waste.
  • Works best at temperatures ranging from 5°C to 40°C (20°C-25°C recommended)


Shelf life And Storage: 12 months from date of manufacturing PU Foam in unopened packaging stored in a cool and dry place at recommended temperatures between +5°C and +25°.