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Silicone Sealant

Alstone Industires has made a mark for itself in Indian subcontinent for being the Largest and only Indian manufacturer of silicone sealant and silicone fluids.

Alstone Industires is the first company in India to manufacture Silicone Sealant. Alstone Industires purchased the German technology and state of the art machinery installed at its plant in Rajasthan and started production in 2011.

When people were wary of even thinking to produce silicone sealant manufacturer in India, there was one company that was slowly and relentlessly focusing and gathering skills to make this dream true. Now under the able guidance of its industry leaders and expert consultants with determined team , Alstone Industires has made its presence felt. Alstone Industires offers sealants for various applications like general purpose, weather proof, non bleeding SEALANTS , neutral Plus sealant, structural glazing, stixall adhesive and mirror fix adhesive. Apart from this, Alstone Industires started production of silicone fluids,OH polymer,DMC and D4 in the plant. Alstone Industires products find applications in various industries which scale from Chemical and Petrochemical to Photo Processing and Semiconductors, from Metal Working and Paint to Food Processing and Beverages.

Product And Quality

There are various variants of silicone sealant which are manufactured by Alstone Industires in India. They are widely used in the construction, automotive, decoration, rubber and electronic industries. Quality is always the first priority. The quality of raw material, intermediate and finished products are all well tested by our quality Control Team. Excellent equipment and strict management give assurance to the quality of the product.

  • For Gap filling in interior applications : we have GP 300
  • For exterior façade applications in high rise buildings : we have WS 789
  • For exterior applications in buildings and UPVC doors & windows : we have NP-666
  • For structural glazing of glass to metal : we have SS-900
  • For Multi purpose adhesive applications where any substrate is pasted on any other/same substrate : we have Ms based adhesive STIXALL
  • For natural stone cladding of any kind : we have NB -6000 which is MS polymer based sealant and hence does not bleed like oil based silicone sealant.
  • For pasting mirror and lacquered glass on any substrate : we have MF-100
  • For Pasting Glass, metal, plastic,wood to any substrate within few minutes: we have STIX ALL Adhesive.

Market And Service

Now we are a very important supplier for curtain wall companies, glass glazing anufacturers, land agent, decoration companies and automotive manufacturers. Our products have been approved by Military Engineering Service, Central Public Work Department, Public Works Department, Airport Authority Of India and many more prestigious clients. Our products are greatly appreciated by the customers. We will strive for each customer’s demand and provide the best service.

Alstone Industires has always been responsible towards the cause of greener earth and offering useful products that make life beautiful and easy. It has taken the intiative of being a green company by making zero odour , VOC Free, UV Resistant products which gives excellent adhesive, stronger tensile strength, short tack time and less curing time every time. To meet your application requirements Alstone Industires Silicone Sealants come in a range of colors in standard and customized options. The packing is also available to suit the material requirements in sausage and cartridge type as 300ml x24 bottle per box & 600ml x 12 sausages per box .

Alstone Industires fulfills its aim of being the reliable partner for its services and products with wide network of sales and marketing all over India which is why it is regarded as the best brand.

Silicone Sealant