WPC/PVC Architrave

WPC/PVC Architrave

WPC/PVC Architraves in modern construction refer to different types of molding, that is formed around doors, windows, or other openings.

What Is Wpc Architrave?

WPC/PVC Architraves is a essential component in architecture and interior design, serving as decorative mouldings that frame doorways, and windows .The opportunities are endless with these versatile interior mouldings and they can be adapted to a wide range of styles and decor.

Wpc Architrave can also apply to all sides, of a frame with mouldings around a door or window. The word "architrave" has come to be used to refer more generally to a style of moulding framing a door, or window

WPC/PVC Architrave recognizes various of types:

  • rounded
  • wavy
  • flower shaped
  • bevel and tenon type
  • figural

How is WPC/PVC Architrave used?

An architrave moulding is used for frame in a decorative and functional way. WPC/PVC Architrave is not essential, but it does benefit your interior design. WPC/PVC Architrave adds style to a room and applies a finishing touch.

Purposes Of WPC/PVC Architrave

Enhancing Interior Beauty

WPC/PVC Architraves add a decorative touch to doors and windows, framing them perfectly. This moulding can elevate the overall grace of a room, making architectural features stand out.

Consistency In Design

They help in maintaining a emphatic theme throughout a space. By choosing wpc architraves that complement the style of your house interior, a harmonious and balanced look is achieved.

Concealing Gaps

A key functional role of wpc architraves is to cover the gaps between walls and door or window frames. These gaps, which occurs from construction processes, can be visually bad appearence. Architraves effectively hide these imperfections, ensuring a cleaner and more polished visual designs.

Protecting Wall Edges

They also serve to protect the edges of walls around door and window openings from wear and tear. This is especially important in high-traffic areas, this will helps the durability of the wall surfaces. In the modern context, WPC/PVC architraves are thus essential not just for their aesthetic value but also for their practical benefits. They play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of interior spaces while addressing functional needs in construction and design.


Product Code HD/ADF - 11
Size(MM) 50 x 12
Size(MM) 40.6 x 23.42
Product Code HD/ADF - 13
Size(MM) 12 x 10