Amino Fluid (Amino Functional) Silicone Fluid

Silicone fluids are the starting materials for further silicone products which are created by chemical functionalization. These fluids are available in a wide range of viscosities from 100 CST to as high as 60,000 CST. This makes it possible to impart different, desirable properties to silicone fluids. This affords a way of transforming hydrophobic silicone fluids into more or less hydrophilic molecules. Reactive silicone fluids are siloxanes terminated with reactive groups. They include, e.g. OH polymers (hydrolyzates) or silicone fluids with amino or epoxy groups.

Amino Silicone Shied are amino modified silicone, which are reactive and non reactive in nature that give excellence elastic properties, bounce, excellent softness, silky finish to variety of fabrics with durability and unique handle. If required, we will provide emulsification process.


  • Gives an excellent soft handle
  • Resistant to washing and abrasion
  • Reactive
  • Readily form micro emulsions that are dilution and shear stable
  • Amino Functional silicone
  • Gives an Elastomeric film
  • 100% Active
Grade Viscority Amine content% Type Appearance Feel
AM-8200 800-1200 0.3-0.35 Reactive Transparent Soft handle with non yellowing
AM-8415 1500-2000 0.35-0.42 Reactive Transparent Soft handle with greasy feel
AM-8430 2000-3000 0.35-0.42 Reactive Transparent Soft handle with greasy feel
AM-843N 2000-3000 0.35-0.42 Non-Reactive Transparent Soft handle with low yellowing
AM-8209 700-1200 0.5-0.7 Reactive Transparent Anti-wrinkle, Soft handle
AM-8470 1000-1500 0.88-0.92 Non-Reactive Transparent Durable softness with crease resistance
AM-910 1000-1500 0.8-0.85 Reactive Transparent Soft greasy feel crease resistance
AM-0868 12000-15000 0.58-0.62 Reactive Transparent Soft greasy feel, Durable press, low yellowing
AHS-6027 300-500 0.3 Reactive Yellowish clear Hydrophilic Fluid, for towel, woven etc.
*Pack size available at - 50 kg & 200 kg