Dimethylsiloxanecyclics DMC

Name: Dimethylsiloxane cyclics mixture

Formula: [(CH3)2SiO]n n=3,4,5,6,7

Implementation of standards: Q/ZTFG 002-2014

Chemical nature: Low Molecular Weight of cyclic siloxane would break the links, then forms the high linear polymer under the catalyst of acid or alkaline. In the process of polymer, polysiloxane of different molecular weights can be produced by controlling the ending agent and the relative concentration of cyclic.

Property&Application: Dimethylcyclosiloxane(DMC) is the main raw material of producing silicone rubber and silicone oil. It is also wildly used in handling silicone rubber packing and cosmetics. The silicone rubber, silicone oil and other polysiloxane products which are made from DMC can be further processed into various modified silicone rubber and silicone oil with excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and insulating property.

Product standard: Dimethylcyclosiloxane(DMC)

Packing, Storage and Transportation:

  • Packing: Packed in 200L iron drum or plastic drum (N.W.190kg) or packed in 1000L IBC(N.W.950kg).
  • Storage: Stored in a shady, cool and ventilated place. It should be kept away from kindling and heat sources, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Transportation: When transported, avoid rain and direct sunshine. Transport as dangerous commodity.

Technical index:

Dimethylcyclosiloxane (DMC) is colorless and transparent oily liquid, flammable, the technical data as follows:

Testing Items Testing Standards
Chroma / Hazen units (platinum - cobalt color number) ≤ 10
D4 /% ≥ 90.0
Cyclosiloxane /% ≥ 99.50
Chloride (Cl-) ≤ 0.0005
Refractive index ND20 1.3960~1.3970
Water/ % ≤ 0.010
Viscosity 125°C/ (mm2/s) ≤ 2.50