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Water Proof Ply

An amazing product yet again from ALSTONE is WATERPROOF PLY (WPP) which is manufactured from ingredients like rice husk,thermoplastic , calcium carbonate and additives. The uniqueness of WPP is that it is similar to plywood in , its feel, smell , color and touch with incomparable features like 100% water proof, 100 % termite proof and fire retardant properties. . Alstone WPP has a scratchy surface just like that of the plywood which helps any glue for pasting laminates. Alstone ply has a high dimensional stability and does not warp in the changing weather, it is 100% Eco friendly and comes with a life time guarantee and a perfect replacement of PLYWOOD,MDF OR HDF board because of its specific features:

specific features:

  • No effect of water for life time
  • 0% chance of termite and borer
  • Zero chance of bending and twisting
  • 100% free from harmful checmicals like phenol and formaldehyde

As we all know that no plywood in this world is water proof and termite proof because of the cellulose content in it. It is bound to be affected by the water and termites . At the same time it is also true that we can treat or season plywood by various techniques and methods to make it durable and enhance its natural resistance against water and termites to some extent. And this treated and seasoned plywood is being promoted in the market as water proof

plywood/marine plywood in the industry. However hard we may try we can not give it a life time warranty for these properties. With the passage of time, it will loose its resistance and be prone to moisture and termite effects.

This leads us to look for other substitutes that can give us the natural feel of wood but with a better and improved version in its durability and functioning. And Alstone is just doing that when we say WATER PROOF PLY. The Ply comes with lifetime warranty of being 100% water and termite proof.

Not just this, the ordinary plywood has an inherent problem of delamination due to absorption of moisture. Which is totally absent in our WPP. There is no chance of Delamination as it is made with a single strong layer . It does not require any special adhesive to paste veneers and laminates like ordinary plywood. Any resin adhesive is sufficient to give it strength over pasted veneer and laminates which is incomparable to other plywood boards. The other easy and affordable option is going for direct painting in whatever color you want . It will give you a pleasant appearance always.

Another strong point is that it is 100% calibrated. The ply is uniform in thickness no matter where and how you check it. It will always give the same result

Also being a 100% formaldehyde and toxic emission free product , it is the only ply which has been accredited by the GRIHA council as a GREEN PRODUCT and hence the best choice in sustainable and green product category. Unlike plywood , it is not restricted in its usage . it can be used with the same ease in exterior as well as interior applications. It can be used to make anything from wardrobes, bed, vanity , modular kitchen to fencing, wall panelling etc etc. It depends on you, how far you let your imagination work with it. It is an unrestricted area when it comes to its applications.

Technical specifications:

Properties Value
Thickness Available 6 mm, 12mm, 18mm
Sizes 8x4 , 7x4 , 6x4 Feet
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