WPC Jali Design For Exterior

WPC Art Jaali

It is a product which stands out as the most encouraging item from ALSTONE WPC Family, it is the ART (Alstone WPC ART PANELS) or the Jaali as it is normally called in the market is a live case of what we can do with the basic WPC sheets with a little innovation and a pinch of zeal to advance. ART is WPC Sheets which are crafted for the etheral beauty with CNC {Computer numeric control} machine and as a hand routing machine which gives your home and office space the ambience it deserves, just like conventional MDF and Wood.

ALSTONE WPC Jaali accompanies extraordinary highlights like 100%Water Proof, 100% Termite Proof and UV protection. Majorly all surface treatments can be done over wpc like covers, paints, coatings etc.

From a basic structure to highly flexible plans in 2D and 3D, anything and everything can be CNC routed on WPC JALI with much ease when utilizing routing machines in thickness running from 4,6, 8, 12, 18, 25, 30,35,40,50,60,70 mm.

ALSTONE WPC ART PANELS can simply change an ordinary interior into spectacular spaces. Plain divider spaces can be changed into mystical phenomenal dividers. It can offer a new prospect to deal with the current spaces.

Alstone WPC is highly recommended for making UV-resistant Jaalis for covering building shafts & ducts

From giving a beautiful look to exterior areas like shafts and duct coverings, to taking wind loads in high-rise buildings, Alstone WPC jaali's made from WPC are becoming the architect’s choice of material.

Alstone WPC art panels (Jaalis) are an example of the versatility of WPC boards. By giving them a creative bend, the WPC boards or sheets can be also crafted into attractive coverings for shafts and ducts,create eye-catching backsplashes, doors, cabinet inserts, partitions screens, feature walls in dining and living rooms, artistic bed headboards, T‎V and media backdrops, entrance design features etc,

What makes WPC especially desirable is its high resistance to UV rays, such that the sun’s rays do not affect its appearance and performance in exterior application. WPC is also resistant to fungus, mould and bacteria, which means that shaft/duct area will remain clean and hygienic. WPC does not attract termites and borers, is fire retardant, sc‎rew-able/nail-able for sturdy installation, 90 degree bendable, 100% calibrated, scr‎atch and stain-fr‎ee, and durable, requiring minimal or no maintenance.

WPC can be painted/polished in any colour and does not lose its sheen even when exposed to different weather conditions. It does not need any kind of surface treatment like laminates, paints, coatings, etc. Environment conscious building owners will find that WPC is an emission-fr‎ee, recyclable material and sustainable too. Hardly surprising then that WPC is seen as an alternative to GRC, FRP and cement boards.

Dimensions 4x8 Feet
Colors Frosty White & Natural Wood
Thickness 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm , 16mm, 18mm , 25mm , 30mm , 35mm, 40mm, 45mm , 50mm, 60mm