Alstone Silicone Emulsion

Alstone Silicone Emulsions are water dilute able emulsion of Polydimethlysiloxane fluids. The emulsions are chemically inert, non toxic, non flammable and non hazardous. They possess low surface tension and superior wetting properties. These Silicone Emulsions are particularly suited for mould release applications because they Form films of low adhesion and can therefore be applied to Moulds to prevent adhesion of the moulded articles. Various wades of Silicone Emulsions are being formulated with respect to their solid contents.

Grade Appearance Fluid base Solid% Active% Application
HS 2000 Milky White PDMS 20% 18% Mould release
HS 2050 Milky White PDMS 24% 21% Mould release
HS 3050 Milky White PDMS 35% 31% Mould release
AEM 3043 Milky White PDMS 60% 54% Mould release
AEM 6058 Milky White PDMS 39% 36% EVA Mould release
AEM 6065 Milky White PDMS 60% 54% Multi Purpose release
*Pack size available at - 50 kg & 200 kg