PDMS Silicone Oils

Name: Polydimethylsiloxane (Methyl Silicone Oil)

Product standard: HG/T 2366-2015 Polydimethylsiloxane

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid, without visible impurity.

Melt Point (℃): -59

Spontaneous combustion point (℃): 450

Saturated vapor pressure (KPa): No Data

Explosive: No Data

Solubility: Soluble in benzene, toluene, ethylene, ethyl ether, partially soluble in ethanol, butanol, acetone, insoluble in cyclohexanol, paraffin oil, vegetable oil and methanol.

Applications: Di-methyl silicone oil is widely used for a variety of material such as plastic and rubber release agent, has excellent high and low temperature resistance, light resistance, moisture resistance, excellent electrical performance, hydrophobic and chemical stability. In order to meet different needs, silicone oil will be processed into solution, emulsion and cream.

Hazard characteristics: Inflammation will arise when it meets naked fire, high heat, no hazard.

Stability: Stable

Banned articles: Oxidant, Water, Alcohol, Acid, Alkali, Metal or Metal compounds.

Combustion (decomposition) products: Silica, Carbon dioxide, trace carbon of not complete combustion, formaldehyde, Hydrogen.

Package storage and transportation: It should be packed in 200L plastic bucket and be stored in a shady, cool and ventilated storehouse. It should be kept away from kindling. Avoid direct sunlight. And it should be put and stored separately from oxidant, acid, and alkali. The installation of lighting and ventilation in the storehouse should be explosion-proof. Switches are located in outside the storehouse. Corresponding varied and quantitative fire fighting equipment should be equipped. Check regularly to make sure whether there is a leakage phenomenon. Operate and handle in nitrogen gas. When conveying, take care of loading and unloading to avoid damages on package and vessels. A regulated route is required for transportation without changing the route and staying on the midway.

Technical specifications:

Item Indexes
Viscosity(25℃)/(mm2/s) 350±20/500±25
Density(25℃)/(g/cm3) 0.962~0.972
Refractive Index(25℃) 1.4020~1.4040
Flash point (Open)/℃ ≥ 315
Vdaf (150℃, 2h) /% ≤ 1.00
Acid value (count by KOH)/%(mg/Kg)≤ 10