Long-Lasting Comfort With Alstone Silicone Foam MF1

Silicone Foam MF1

By guaranteeing a performance degradation of no more than 10% over ten years, Alstone Silicone Foam MF-1 seating materials reduce ergonomic hot spots and improve rider comfort. With a warranty of ten years (see complete warranty for details) to enforce this guarantee, Alstone Silicone Foam MF-1 materials are a smart choice for seating applications. With consistent, lasting comfort resulting from lasting quality comes the need for fewer refurbishments.

What is Alstone Silicone Foam MF 1?


Silicone Rubber Foam blocks are produced by mixing the two liquid silicone compositions,
Part - A: Base Compound
Part - B: Cross-linker or curing agent.


Mixing of these two compositions leads to generation of hydrogen. While the two compositions cross-linked together to form a solid rubber, the mixture simultaneously expands due to hydrogen gas formation and produces small air bubbles with in the rubber which results into production of a cushioning foam material.

Alstone Silicone MF1 silicone is a lightweight cellular silicone foam cast into block form up to 8 inches thick This lightweight, high quality material is typically used in cushioning and sealing applications and features FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) resistance. and is most often used as cushioning in passenger rail car seating. MF1 silicone’s proven durability and fire resistance means reliable comfort, longevity and safety. Alstone Silicone MF1 is available in three firmness ranges, allowing engineers to optimize seat designs and maximize passenger comfort while reducing weight and size. MF1 Silicone foam comes in soft, medium, and firm in it's traditional white color and is targeted more toward general industrial applications.



Silicone Foam MF 1


Available in blocks up to 8 in. thick
Tested for a UL94 V-0 and HF-1 rating
Low compression set
Used most often as cushion foam in passenger rail car seating


Exceptional flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) resistance performance
Superior weather and UV resistance
Outperforms competitive cushion foams in durability
Ensures safety, long cushion life and lasting passenger comfort


Shock absorption, sound blocking and absorption, vibration management

Alstone Silicone Foam Offerings :

Alstone Silicone product family offers a wide range of multi-functional silicone based elastomeric foams and solids for use in many rail interior applications such as seals, gaskets, floor isolation pads, thermal insulation, sound barriers and anti-squeak / rattle pads. These materials are offered in continuous sheet form, enabling ease of fabrication whether slitting, die-cutting or laminating with adhesive. In addition, Alstone Industries offers a highly durable silicone seat cushion foam supplied in stock form or as a fabricated cushion shaped to the customer’s design requirements.

Alstone Silicone Foam Offerings :
SLAB STOCK FOAMS - The foam shall be manufactured via continuous foam technology
Color – Natural White


Alstone Silicone Foam MF1 seat cushion foam provides reliable comfort, longevity, and safety. Available in three firmness ranges, MF1 foam allows engineers to optimize seat designs, providing exceptional passenger comfort all the while reducing weight and size. MF1 foam is a durable seat cushion material that utilizes proprietary silicone technology to deliver a product that maintains firmness and thickness longer than traditional urethane foams.

Additionally, all grades of MF1 foam are formulated to meet various global fire safety standards including BS 6853, EN 45545, DIN 5510, NFF 16-101, and NFPA 130.
3 Types of MF1 Foam : MF1-35 (Soft) , MF1-55 (Medium) & MF1-75 (Firm)


Technical specifications:

Properties Value Method
Density (Kg/cm3) Maximum 140 IS :7888 C1.4
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2)maximum 0.5 IS:7888 C1.5
Elongation at break (%) Minimum 50 IS:7888 C1.5
Indentation hardness index (Kgf) 10-20 @25%
15-25 @40%
Compression Set (%) (50% at 70 C for 22 hrs) 5% Max IS:7888 C1.8
Humidity ageing (%) Harness Loss <10% ISO:2440
Fatigue testing (%) - IS:7888 C1.7
Indentation Stifness loss (%) <15% -
Thickness loss <5% -
Cycles 100,000 -