Alstone Industries has proved its mettle time to time with its unique products like a product that defies the limitations of contemporary and traditional thinking. With Alstone WPC/PVC Chaukhat , it’s an apt tagline when we say

Alstone WPC/PVC Door Frame & WPC/PVC Window Frame which are popularly known as WPC/PVC Chaukhat are revolutionary product manufactured with wood polymer composite products. It is 100% waterproof,100% termite Proof, 100% Fire retardant, distortion resistant, and have great adaptability to the outdoor conditions. These Door Frames are an assured game-changer, which have transformed the fate of WPC/PVC Door frame. It is suspected that this alternate product will emerge as the most appreciated one in future. It is a life time substitute for wooden timber chaukhat.

Alstone WPC/PVC Door Frame & WPC/PVC Window Frame are suitable for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, offices, villas, hospitals, schools. These combine the advantages of timber and plastic in one, along with reducing the need for repetitive and wasteful maintenance. WPC/PVC Frame is desirable also because it reduces attention and money needed to be spent on repairs.

Since it's not just wood, it doesn't warp and decay, it is impervious to rot and wood eating organisms. It represents the newest trends in the building materials market. It is available in all standard size and thickness as per the customer needs. With Alstone chaukhat , it’s an apt tagline when we say


A chaukhat is the first thing that we and our guests cross to enter our homes. In India guests are always treated as Gods – “ AtithiDevobhavah”.However no one would like to welcome guests like termites and borers.The hot and humid weather conditions in India combined with the cellulose present in wooden chaukhats are perfect conditions for these little harmful guests to feed and grow .This way they enter our homes and starts eating away all the furniture starting from chaukhats to doors to our wardrobes , bed to kitchen cabinets.The only way to stop this attack is through uprooting the main cause and using WPC/PVC chaukhat that are 100% termite and borer proof .This is the feature that only an

Advantages of WPC/PVC Door Frame

Alstone WPC/PVC Frame | WPC/PVC Door Frame & WPC/PVC Window Frame
  1. Dimensional stability, anti-insect, rot and crack-resistant, high durability
  2. Natural wood looking and feel.
  3. Moisture resistant, low flame spread, fire protection level up to B1 grade.
    • Minimum contraction or expansion
    • Easy to mould, screw, or grout, etc.
    • Various finishes can be done
  4. Good performance on nail-holding ability and processing.
  5. Environmentally- friendly, recyclable.
  6. Broad range of finishes and appearance.
  7. Good sound-absorbing &energy -saving.
  8. Healthy for body, none- Benzene and other harmful chemicals
  9. Totally environmentally friendly.
  10. Waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof and anti-mildew.
  11. High strength, low wear and tear, non-swelling, no deformation and not broken.
  12. Long service lifetime about more than 10 years but it needs no special maintenance, which will save lots of unnecessary maintenance costs.
  13. No warping, and decrease the UV damage
  14. Easy care-clean with just water



Alstone WPC/PVC Frame | WPC/PVC Door Frame & WPC/PVC Window Frame
  1. Can be planed, nailed, drilled and cut. Low flame spread, excellent thermal properties, Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives, Can be recycled
  2. High Strength with outstanding screw and nail retention, High impact resistance, Modulus of elasticity: greater than PVC, does not require reinforcement (in most applications)
  3. Better UV resistance and anti-aging ability
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Saving time - easy maintenance and installation
    • Longer usage/life cycle - resistant to rot and wood eating organisms
    • Stronger and more flexible than traditional wood products
    • Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle
Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent
  1. 100% resistant to:
    • Heat
    • Termite
    • Scratch
    • Household Chemical
    • Impact
  2. 100% Water Proof, corrosion resistant
  3. Used with WPC/PVC frame, door, Ideal for Residential & Commercial
  4. Can be fastened and machined in the same way as wood
  5. Tough, rigid with a high impact strength, not easy to age and can keep its color for long time
With Alstone WPC/PVC chaukhat , you can just


Alstone India’s decorative WPC/PVC doors are symbolic of innovation and quality in interior design. If you go with Alstone India for your WPC/PVC (wood polymer composite) doors, you will get beauty combined with strength and environmental responsibility.
Made with attention to detail, Alstone India’s WPC/PVC doors offer a wide variety of elegant designs for different aesthetic preferences. These doors not only add beauty to your area, but they are strong enough to last for long periods. The composite WPC/PVC made using wood fibers and polymer ensures that the doors don’t get worn out, they can withstand any form of wear and weather and therefore be suitable for both in-doors and outdoors.

The incorporation of eco-friendly materials shows that Alstone India focuses on sustainability. Choosing decorative WPC/PVC doors means supporting a sustainable environment because they are manufactured from recycled products thus lessening pressure from natural resources. Additionally, Alstone India focuses on function whereby the doors are made from termite-resistant materials that demand little maintenance. In its simplest form, this means that homeowners will simply have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their doors and not be confronted with the challenge of regular repairs each time.

Investing in the decorative WPC/PVC doors by Alstone India represents a blend of elegant looks, strong construction, as well as eco-friendliness and should be an obvious choice for people looking for perfection from both points of view.



Product Code HD/ADF - 1
Size(MM) 75 x 45
Size(MM) 75 x 50
Product Code HD/ADF - 3
Size(MM) 100 x 50
Product Code HD/ADF - 4
Size(MM) 100 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 5
Size(MM) 125 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 6
Size(MM) 150 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 7
Size(MM) 150 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 8
Size(MM) 75 x 50
Product Code HD/ADF - 9
Size(MM) 100 x 50
Product Code HD/ADF - 10
Size(MM) 100 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 11
Size(MM) 125 x 63
Product Code HD/ADF - 12
Size(MM) 150 x 62
Product Code HD/ADF - 13
Size(MM) 250 x 65
Product Code HD/ADF - 14
Size(MM) 125 x 63
Product Code HD/ADF - 15
Size(MM) 70 x 32
Product Code HD/ADF - 16
Size(MM) 10 x 12