Weather Silicone Sealant

Weather Silicone Sealant- 789

Alstone Weather Silicone Color Sealant is a neutral cure silicone sealant particularly suitable for interior & exterior sealing applications such as joints, weather sealing, connection Joints.We offer Color of your choice to our customers.Here we can give any color silicone like blue,green,red,or any metallic colors like gold,silver,bronze etc.

Now play with colors on your façade with Alstone Colored Weather silicone sealants.


  • Telecom Shelters, uPVC Profiles, aluminium fenestration, door & window frames, ACP glass, brick, concrete, wood
  • Building and construction joints
  • Topsealing between treated wood and glass and between PVC and glass or aluminium and glass.
  • Sealing between PVC and glass


Characteristics of High Temperature Sealant

  • Panel / Perimeter / Project Sealant
  • Stays elastic after curing.
  • Good resistance to UV / ozone / vibration / moisture / airborne pollutants.
  • Excellent weatherproofing properties
  • Easy tooling and soft extrude able properties
  • Neutral cure - RTV
  • Non slumping, can be used in overhead/vertical joints
  • Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates including metals, aluminium, concrete, steel, glass, wood, stone and masonries

Cartridge 280ml & 600 ml sousage

Product Features

  • It a neutral cure silicone sealant particularly suitable for interior and exterior sealing applications such as joints, weather sealing, connection joints.
  • It has good resistance to UV / ozone / vibration / moisture / airborne pollutants/cleaningdetergents and many solvents.
  • It has excellent weatherproofing properties.
  • It has easy tooling and soft extrudable properties.
  • It is Neutral cure - RTV
  • It is Non slumping, can be used in overhead/vertical joints.
  • It has Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates including metals, aluminium,concrete,steel,glass,wood, stone and masonries.

High Temperature Sealants are Used in the Following Industries

High Temperature Sealants are used in various sectors, from automobile industry to aviation engineering, to handle the problems of increased temperatures. These sealants from Alstone India are used in exhaust systems, engines, furnaces and other crucial components where ordinary sealants fail.

1. Automotive Sector 

High Temperature Sealants are an excellent choice for sealing exhaust system joints, reducing gas and heat leaks that assures maximum engine performance.

2. Aviation Engineering

These sealants are important in the aircraft industry for sealing components exposed to severe temperatures during takeoff, flight and re-entry.

3. Industrial Furnaces 

Because furnaces run at high temperatures, High Temperature Sealants provide a dependable barrier against heat and pollutants, enabling efficient and safe operations.

4. Electronics Manufacturers 

High Temperature Sealants are critical in the electronics sector for sealing and gluing electronic components that endure extreme temperatures during operation.


Instructions for Use

Make sure you clean and dry the surfaces before you start. If you’re using a cartridge, cut the nozzle at a 45° angle for the right amount of Alstone Sealant. It is advisable to use a caulking gun to apply the sealant and smooth out within 5 to 10 minutes.

Alstone Sealant works well on walls and ceilings without dripping. When sticking things together, put the adhesive on one surface, join the parts and press it hard. You can use the sealant even in cold weathers if the surface is dry. It should be dry to the touch in 30 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours. Please be aware that you avoid mixing the sealants with other chemicals and wear eye protection for extra safety. Be careful not to get it in contact with your skin or breathe in the fumes. Keep it away from children. Store it in a cool, dry place between 40°F and 90°F after using. Clean your tools with warm water.



Sealants from Alstone India: Why Choose Us?

Alstone sets itself apart from the rest alternatives available as a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality High Temperature Sealants. Here are some of the reasons why choosing Alstone India is a decision backed by dependability and innovation:


 1. Proven Performance

Alstone’s Sealants have a proven track record of performing exceptionally well in diverse industries, withstanding severe temperatures while maintaining seal integrity.

2. Innovative Formulations

Alstone is constantly evolving with new technologies and formulations to address the increasing demands of sectors that require high-performance sealants.

3. Customized Solutions

Alstone understands that each and every sector has diverse and unique needs. We are committed to provide bespoke solutions for specific industries and applications to ensure unstoppable performance.

4. Providing Support Around the Clock

Alstone India offers complete solutions to its customers and clients, from product selection to application assistance, delivering a flawless experience from to purchase to implementation.


Technical specifications:

Properties Value
Colours Available Clear, White, Black, Grey & Brown
Packing 280ml x 24 Bottles Per Box & 300ml x 12 Sausages Per Box