Fire Retardant Polyurethane Foam

FR Pu Foam

We are one of the Finest FR Pu Foam manufacturers in India, along with being the Finest Supplier of PU Foams, Fire Retardant PU Foams has been Alstone Industries core competence and the central focus of their lookup and improvement (R&D).

Alstone FR Pu Foam has laboured vigorously over the years in the highly-specialised discipline of polyurethanes to improve upon the hearth protection points of cushions, in addition to providing introduced relief for passengers for the duration of lengthy journeys.

Alstone Industries in-house formula of Fire-Retardant Polyurethane Foam complies with all FST necessities of EN45545 HL3. The EN45545 take a look at reports for the foam was carried out through one of the world’s largest checking out and certification organisations. Underwriter Laboratories (UL)

The test results defines volumes about our functionality and, now, we are looking to multiply the manufacturing facility and prolong the furnish of our world-class merchandise to the rail markets.

UL – being a more than one hundred twenty five years-old security employer that sets industry-wide requirements on new products, and is itself accredited through the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for the scopes of tests beneath EN45545:2 – has tested Alstone Industries Fire-Retardant Polyurethane Foam and reported it to be completely compliant to the FST necessities of EN45545 HL3.

Alstone Industries brings you the total Solution for all our businesses, we at Alstone Industries lay the very special emphasis on innovation, user friendliness, comfort, and aesthetics. You have a wide range of limitless design options thanks to our computer-aided design technology. Each of our products is individually tailored to meet your specific needs.

Alstone FR PU Foam Benefits:

Passenger Safety

  • Non-toxic production of foam in secured facility
  • Fire retardant properties of foam inherent due to the homogenous formulation of naturally formed cell structure

Durability & Long Lasting

  • Class leading dimensional stability
  • Resilient to mechanical fatigue
  • High & Low temperature resistance

Design Reliability

  • Long term material durability & performance
  • Resistant to environment factors like UV, Ozone, Chemical, Temperature Resistance

Control on Maintenance Costs

  • Long life & low tendency to lose form of AUPEX foams ensure significant savings in maintenance costs
  • No revenue loss due to downtime/overhauling
  • Unique chemistry of FR Pu foams deliver excellent performance over long term physical, thermal and environmental abuse
FR PU Foam
S. No. Property Unit Value Method Of Test Minimum Test Specimen
1 Density KG/m³ 95±10 EN ISO 845 03
2 Tensile strength kpa >60 ISO 1798 03  
3 Elongation at break % ISO 1798 03
4 Comfort Factor on 50mm thickness - >1 IS:7888 CI.6 03
5 hardness Index @25% @40% N/m2 >0.5 >1 IS: 7888 CI.6 03
6 compression set ≤10 ISO1856 ISO 1856
7 Compression kPa 7-11 EN ISO 3386 03
8 Humidity Ageing(%) Hardness Loss % ≤25 ISO 2440 01
9 Dynamic Fatigue Test Loss of Thickness % ≤5 ≤10 DIN EN ISO 3385 01
10 Tear Strength(KG/cm) KG/cm >0.1 ISO 8067 03
11 Resilience (%) Minimum % >35 ISO 8307 03
12 Fire Property (without Fire Barrier Cloth)
  • Heat Release rate ISO 5660-1
  • Smoke Density ISO 5659-2
  • Toxicity ISO 5659-2
EN 45545-2, R21 (HL3) NIL NIL 03